Fresh Produce

LaMantia's: First In Fresh!

We have earned the Kawartha Lakes This Week's Favourite Fruit & Vegetable supplier award for the past 7 consecutive years.

All of our fresh produce is sourced by our Produce Buyer, David La Mantia directly from our Ontario Growers or from the actual importer of that product. No middlemen!

La Mantia’s contacts our Ontario Growers the day before we meet them at the Ontario Food Terminal so that our Ontario Fruits and Vegetables can be picked and packed fresh.

Many of our relationships with our importers and growers go back many years. These personal relationships with our suppliers ensures La Mantia’s receives favoured customer status.

We travel to the Ontario Food Terminal in the early morning so that we can transport the fresh-picked produce back to our store. David La Mantia then visits the stalls operated by over 25 importers and 300 Ontario Growers to personally select and buy fresh fruits, vegetables and plants for their Lindsay Store. The fresh fruits and vegetables are then delivered to La Mantia’s waiting transport truck. Once all the fresh produce has been loaded, we head directly back to our store to stock our shelves with the best that Ontario, Canada and the World has to offer in fresh fruits, vegetables and plants. No warehouses or middlemen! This process takes place over a matter of only a few hours to ensure maximum freshness for La Mantia’s Customers.

Due to the fact that we eliminate middlemen in our procurement process we are able to offer you superior quality fresh produce at lower prices.


Fresh Meat

LaMantia's: Hand-Trimmed in store!

5 reasons to buy your fresh meat at La Mantia's

  1. We sell only Canadian, Federally Inspected Beef (Canada AA/AAA)
    • We choose to sell only Canadian Beef because we wish to support Canadian Farmers; In our opinion the producers of the world’s best quality beef;
    • About ½ the beef we sell is also produced under the Ontario Corn Fed Beef Program. This is a program run by Ontario Beef Farmers themselves and operates under a self-regulated quality assurance program.
  2. Our beef, chicken & pork is hand-trimmed and packed in store.
    • By hand-trimming our fresh meat instore ourselves, we are able to ensure maximum quality. We would not settle for meat that is mass-produced and packed off-site and we don’t believe our customers should settle for such products.
    • We are an authorized Ontario Pork Retailer.
  3. We never add salt or water to our fresh meat.
    • Some of our competitors offer so-called “seasoned fresh meat” for sale. What is Seasoned Meat? Fresh meat labeled "seasoned" has been processed using a salt water slurry, typically water, salt and sodium phosphate. The additives are injected into the fresh meat to help preserve that meat and allow it to be prepared and shipped from an off-site location. As a consumer you are paying for the weight of these additives as part of the purchase price of the fresh meat you are buying.  Know what you are buying and read labels.
    • LA MANTIA’S UNCONDITIONALLY REFUSES TO SELL SEASONED FRESH MEAT. We do not believe the sale of these “seasoned” fresh meat products is in the best interests of our valued customers.
    • How would you know if your fresh meat has been “seasoned”. A Nutrition Facts table is required on all meat and poultry with added phosphates and/or water. The amount of sodium in a seasoned product will be higher than for an unseasoned product. Seasoned meat must also be labeled with a list of ingredients as a well as a declaration of the percentage of meat protein in that particular cut. The more salt water added to a particular cut, the lower the percentage of meat protein.
  4. Specialty cuts are available on request. --> contact us
    • Because we cut, hand-trim and wrap all of our fresh meat products in-store, specialty cuts are never a problem at La Mantia's. That one inch thick T-Bone or Rib-Eye Steak is only a visit to La Mantia’s away. Contact us to place your special order today.
  5. Our ground beef & pork is ground fresh throughout the day in small batches for optimum freshness
    • Much of the ground beef and pork you see in other stores has been ground off site and packed using a special gas to preserve it and its colour for days at a time. This is not the way that our ground beef and pork is prepared at La Mantia’s. We prepare all of our ground beef using 100% Canadian Source Grinds, throughout the day for maximum freshness. Don’t settle for anything less!
    • Darker ground beef in the centre of a package is natural and nothing to be alarmed about.  Remember, we do not colour our ground beef or add gases to preserve colour.  For a chemical explanation of this, please click here.

Our Other Products

La Mantia's has everything you need under one roof!

Groceries & Frozen Food.

La Mantia's offers a wide selection of grocery and frozen food products. Our pricing is very competitive due to our association with Distribution Canada Inc, (DCI). DCI is an alliance of Canadian Independent Grocers. By pooling our purchases, DCI members are able to achieve savings which can then be passed on to our customers. By buying direct from the manufacturers of grocery products, we are able to eliminate warehousing costs.

We offer a wide variety of specialty grocery products including Gluten Free and Organic Groceries.

We stock a complete line of Tassimo and Keurig K-Cups at better than competitive prices.

If you are looking for a product that you cannot locate, talk to our staff. We will use our best efforts to locate that product for you.

Dairy & Cheese.

We now carry a line of dairy products from Parmalat featuring Beatrice and Lactantia products.

We offer a wide selection of speciality cheeses sourced from around the world, such as Irish Dubliner, English Wenslydale, Stilton and real Dutch Gouda. We stock the complete line of the award winning, locally produced goat cheeses made with pride in Lindsay by Mariposa Dairy under their "Celebrity Brand", which we purchase directly from Mariposa.


We take pride in carrying a vast selection of deli meats. We insist on slicing your deli meats to your exact specifications while you wait. You will find no pre-sliced deli products in our Deli! If you want fresh deli, you want fresh sliced!


Daily we bake, instore, a full line of breads, rolls, cookies, pies and pastry. We also offer a full selection of Weston, Canada Bread and other commercial bakery products.

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